Advisory Committee for Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Education (SMPE)

这符合澳门足彩app基斯对学生安全的承诺, the School has established an Advisory Committee for Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Education. SMPE咨询委员会由澳门足彩app校友组成, 董事会的代表, 现任澳门足彩app基斯大学教员, 以及性虐待和预防领域的专家.


  • 提供专业知识 关于当前的不当性行为教育, awareness and training practices and to help the School continually evaluate the effectiveness of current programming
  • Helping to identify the types of relationships, residential realities or patterns of behavior unique to a boarding school environment that call for particular awareness of healthy boundaries in order to avoid sexual misconduct
  • 提供历史背景和经验 with issues of sexual misconduct on campus and to understand and highlight areas of cultural change that could positively or negatively influence the potential for sexual misconduct. 作为其中的一部分, brainstorm productive ways to incorporate the school's history of sexual abuse into our programming to model transparency, 为幸存者发声, and raise moral consciousness around our need to be upstanders within our community and beyond
  • Working with the 通讯办公室 to create a multifaceted approach 有效沟通 在持续的培训中建立信心, services and support for the prevention of sexual misconduct at 澳门足彩app


澳门足彩app continues to maintain an absolute commitment to transparency with respect to the investigation of reports of sexual misconduct by members of the faculty or staff that occurred at any time in the School’s history. Anyone wishing to come forward to report abuse by an adult member of the 澳门足彩app community is invited to contact the School’s independent investigator, 艾莉森·奥尼尔,致电 (617) 239-0729 或电邮至